Crestron Amplifiers

        X Series Modular Amplifiers

        Simple to sell, spec, and install, new X Series amplifiers give you a commercial audio solution that will meet your needs for the vast majority of situations you’ll encounter. They’re ideal for classrooms and meeting rooms of all sizes, as well as training and retail spaces.

        Other Modular Amplifiers

        Our line of convenient modular utility amplifiers gives you a custom-configurable audio solution that delivers professional performance, energy-savings, built-in fault protection, and modular construction. Thanks to their compact design, multiple units can be ganged together in a single rack space or surface-mountable kit.

        Modular Amplifier Features

        Professional performance meets compact, efficient design.
        Professional Audio

        Crestron modular amplifiers address a wide range of professional audio performance needs including volume controls, status LEDs, energy monitoring, and other features.

        Space-Saving Design

        Our modular amps come in compact ¼ and ½ rack form factors allowing you to mix and match a range of audio capabilities in a single rack space. Both rack and surface mount kits are included.

        High-Efficiency Power Amplification

        The new amps are designed for high efficiency and also offer energy-saving features including auto on/off. All units are convection cooled with internal PSU.

        Model Channels Power 4/8 Ohm 70V Rack Width Surface Mount
        AMP-X300 4   1/2
        AMP-X50MP 2 25 WPC 1/4
        AMP-150-70 1 50 W   1/4
        AMP-225 2 25 WPC   1/4
        AMP-1200-70 1 200 W   1/2
        AMP-2100 2 100 WPC   1/2
        AMP-2100-70 2 100 WPC   1/2


        Multichannel Amplifiers

        Our robust new multichannel amplifiers are engineered to work with Avia DSPs to provide a powerful, precise, and flexible audio system for a wide range of applications. These new high-efficiency amps support applications requiring simultaneous low and high impedance, as well as remote control and monitoring over the network.

        Multichannel Amplifier Features

        Sophisticated features to maximize performance, efficiency, and scalability.
        Pair Natively with Avia DSPs

        Our new amps and DSPs work together natively and are configured via the Avia Audio Tool; units are optimized for back-of-rack cable dressing and connector access.

        Professional Audio

        Crestron multichannel amplifiers offer 8-channels of clean, professional power in a single rack space, with a choice of 75 or 150 Watts per channel.

        Versatile Performance

        Each channel is individually configurable for either low-Z (4/8 Ohm) or high-Z (70V or 100V)

        Network Control & Monitoring

        The new amps enable you to deliver a complete professional audio solution with full network control and visibility.

        Integrator-Friendly Design

        The amps feature comprehensive front panel status indication and output meters; rear panels include balanced inputs and level adjustments.

        High-Efficiency Power Amplification

        Designed for ultimate efficiency, these amps run so cool they can be direct stacked without intermediate spacing.

        Model Channels Power 4/8 Ohm 70V LAN Port
        AMP-8075 8 75 WPC
        AMP-8150 8 150 WPC
        AMP-2800 2 800WPC
        AMP-4600 4 600 WPC


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