Smart Home Solutions for Multi-Dwelling Units

        The smart move

        There are more compelling reasons than ever to integrate Crestron smart home technology into your MDU projects:

        • Increases home value
        • Attracts more tenants/buyers
        • Reduces number of days homes are on the market

        The Crestron Difference

        There’s a simple reason why Crestron is the leader of the smart home industry:

        We deliver the best user experience by far. We’re only satisfied when our customers are.

        Luxury that lasts a lifetime

        Buyers enjoy the flexibility to choose from different packages that you define at the time of purchase or which they can add at any time. The platform continuously updates from the cloud, so the system installed today only gets more robust over time.

        All building amenities on one platform

        Crestron means complete integration of everything in the building on one platform. Property Management Systems. Amenities such as spas, restaurants, and gyms. Scheduling of common areas, including proactive notifications. Concierge services.

        Unparalleled support

        Time is of the essence if a buyer needs assistance with a technical issue during the big game or a favorite show. Our Crestron Certified Technology Professionals provide the best support in the industry and can resolve any issue remotely, 24/7/365.

        Smart planning to make future personalization easier

        The best time to plan for smart home technology is in the design-build phase. With the infrastructure already in place, you can offer buyers the flexibility to choose from different packages at the time of purchase or upgrade their unit at any time in the future.

        Scalable options

        With Crestron, you can provide your clients with the level of control and convenience they want from the start, or easily add to their systems as their needs change.

        • LIGHTING
          • Control lights individually or all at once
          • Set ‘scenes,’ so at the push of a button lighting will change to suit different activities, such as “Dine” or “Entertain”
          • Centralized lighting control in main living spaces and master bathroom
          • Elegant keypads combine custom control with luxurious button feel and designer aesthetics to complement any décor
          • Enjoy greater privacy
          • Accentuated views and décor
          • Protect fabrics and art from damaging sunlight
          • Regulate room temperature
          • Leverage natural light for energy savings
        • CLIMATE
          • Set thermostat to the ideal temperature in every heating/cooling zone
          • Use scheduler to minimize energy use when home is unoccupied
        • SECURITY
          • Complete monitoring and control for complete peace of mind – door locks, video intercom, cameras, and alarm
          • Unlock doors with just a fingerprint
          • Front lights can go on to welcome residents home
          • All real-time status feedback – not just button press
        • AUDIO
          • Sonos® or Crestron
          • Listen to favorite streaming music services such as Spotify®, Deezer®, or iTunes® anywhere in the home
          • Play different music in different rooms simultaneously
          • High-performance Crestron speakers deliver pristine sound
          • Enjoy stereo throughout the home + Surround Sound in the media room
        • VIDEO
          • Homeowners can watch whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want with ease
          • Add favorite video sources, including cable TV, Apple TV® media extenders, Netflix® and YouTube® streaming video, etc.
          • Best picture quality available – 4K, HDR
          • Ultra-responsive controls – no lag time
          • Hide all unsightly technology in a central location

        Invisible luxury

        All of this technology is thoughtfully designed to disappear within the home, its features appearing magically to the homeowner. The sleek keypads, elegant touch screens, and ergonomic handheld remotes are the only signs of smart technology.

        Touch screens

        Phones and tablets are personal devices, not dedicated home control devices. Our beautiful touch screens are purpose-driven and never leave the room or the house, so homeowners will never be stranded without control. They’re extremely responsive, reliable, and provide a brilliant high-resolution, intuitive display that makes it easy to control everything in the home.

        horizon® keypads

        Wall-mounted keypads give homeowners the simplest way to control basic functions, such as lighting, shades, and volume. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, button layouts, and custom engraving, keypads can conform to any personal design aesthetic and control need.


        Dedicated home control in the palm of your hand. From the comfort of the couch, homeowners can adjust the lights, shades, and temperature, as well has control the TV and music. Even better, incoming texts, emails, and phone calls never interrupt when they want to change the channel or mute the volume.


        Consult with a Crestron Technology Professional to make sure you have the basic wiring and control systems in place so you can offer your buyers the opportunity to add the epitome of luxury living – the gold standard of smart home technology. They can start small today and expand later; or start later and proceed at their own pace.


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