Performance. When it counts.

        Real time Video.
        Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology.

        When results and performance require accurate, split second decision making, choosing the right technology is simple. The one used in mission critical situations from esports to military operations, control centers to cybersecurity. The one that delivers immediate, immersive, and realistic audio and video, consistently, and securely. Real time video as only Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP technology can deliver.


        The ability to see down to the detail. To hear the lightest footfall. Real time video that delivers the highest standards of audio, and video with the degree of clarity you need to act immediately and decisively.

        High Resolution Video

        The features

        • Incredible image integrity for signal ranging from 1080 to 4k60 4:4:4
        • Seamless multi source and format switching
        • High refresh rates
        • Lossless compression

        The experience

        • Real time full motion video performance
        • lag free, with near zero latency

        High Fidelity Audio

        The features

        • Crystal clear gapless audio
        • Networked Audio Distribution
        • Lossless transfer of surround sound

        The experience

        • Immersive, movie-like audio experience for every user
        • Hear everyone and everything happening in your environment

        High level Security

        The features

        • Enterprise-grade security
        • Meets most aggressive compliance and mitigation standards

        The experience

        • Protection from hacking, pirating and more
        • Collaborate and consume content without concerns of cybersecurity attacks

        High Degree of Control

        The features

        • Simple web based browser
        • Seamless, intuitive user control over environment

        The experience

        • Personalized environment
        • Best conditions for higher productivity and success
        • Easy installation, connection, and deployment

        High performance for high stakes applications.

        When you choose Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP solutions you’re choosing technology built for applications where moments make a difference. When communication is critical. When actions and reactions all happen in real time. Whether that happens in a classroom, a meeting room, or the situation room.

        Esports: A winning edge

        Real time full motion video performance. Crystal clear audio across coaches, spectator, and players. Across esports labs, training centers and competition venues, Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP technology changes the game for the better.

        Case in point: St. John’s University

        Simulation Centers: Ready for anything

        The highest possible resolution for the most realistic simulation of emergency situations. Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP technology delivers remarkably real situations critical for training utilized in nursing schools and medical organizations.

        Case in point: MedtoMarket

        Command and Control Centers: Mission Critical Clarity and Security

        Landing the rover on Mars. Ensuring digital security for global clients. Mission critical endeavors demand lossless audio, zero lag video and complete clarity down to the detail. Their choice? Real time video powered by Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP technology.

        Case in point: Fishtech Group

        The Crestron Advantage

        The #1 AV-over-IP solution across enterprise, medical, government, education, and esports industries. Crestron has led the way in delivering real time video that meets your standards for success.


        Designed for interoperability with devices and peripherals DM NVX AV-over-IP solutions brings technologies together, on one seamless platform.


        Simple to add, move, or change endpoints as needed


        Engineered to meet enterprise-grade reliability and security standards

        Management and Control

        Easy to use tools streamline deployment and management


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        The choice of organizations from U.S. Military to Fortune 500 companies.
        “Imagine if you’re a surgeon trying to teach a very delicate surgery. If you had not been taught properly…that’s life and death. We can’t have pixelation, we can’t have latency, and we can’t have distortion of color. So having the best AV technology [Crestron DM NVX], around is incredibly important for us.”
        Dr. Aaron Ali, M.D.
        Co-Founder & CEO, MedtoMarket LEARN MORE
        “Leveraging the Crestron DM NVX® solution…our center can switch from a classroom to a varsity competition room in under 30 seconds.”
        Dr. George Claffey
        Chief Information Officer, Central Connecticut State University LEARN MORE
        “As a leader in cyber security, it was important for us to have technology that met government standards, and that’s why we chose Crestron DM NVX®”
        Andy Jones
        Director of Digital Technologies, Fishtech Group LEARN MORE