Residential Lighting Solutions

        The right lighting turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary space. It welcomes you home and keeps intruders away. It contributes to your physical and emotional wellness. It sets the right mood for any activity. With the Crestron Home® smart home platform, customizable control of all your lighting – and everything else in your home – is simple and smart.

        Your idea of comfort and convenience

        Crestron Home gives you virtually unlimited ability to coordinate your lighting with other systems in your home. Heating and cooling. Audio. Video. Shading. Security. With the touch of one “Quick Actions” button, everything is set exactly as you like. Create Quick Actions and scenes to perfectly match your lifestyle.


        At sunrise the lights slowly ramp up and the shades slowly open to gently welcome the new day; set the mood for entertaining, create the perfect atmosphere for family movie night; or ensure the optimal setting for a professional conference call. Lights automatically turn on when you walk into a room and turn off shortly after you leave. At the end of the day, tap “Goodnight” from your bed to turn off all the lights, close the shades, and lower the temperature.


        Make your lights work the same way, whether you’re home or not. Indoor and outdoor lights turn on, off, or adjust automatically based on a preset schedule or sunrise/sunset. Hallway lights automatically illuminate the way for that drink of water or bathroom break in the middle of the night. With Crestron, you’re in control from anywhere all the time.

        Health and wellness

        Circadian rhythm lighting and dawn/dusk simulation improves sleep, energy, and mood. Crestron sensors detect natural ambient lighting and room lighting automatically adjusts to achieve just the right brightness.

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        Solutions for any project

        New construction. Major renovations. Minor retrofits. Whatever your needs, our wired and wireless lighting control solutions have you covered. Check out what Crestron lighting solutions can do for you.

        Wireless lighting control

        Easy-to-install Crestron wireless dimmers make it simple to enhance your lighting controls. No rewiring or remodeling required, no compromising reliability.

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        Wired or centralized lighting control

        Get the most automation and control, with the least impact on your décor. From LEDs, track lighting, and incandescent, to sconces, spotlights, and more.

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